Growing a Good Taster means encouraging your children to explore new foods with all of their senses…all the time.

Replace your goal of getting your child to eat new foods. Instead, place your effort on growing a good taster.  The key is sensory exploration. Ask questions that get your child exploring. Here are some ideas to get you going.

When Cooking

  • Does this soup need more garlic?
  • Taste this yogurt and tell me if you think Daddy will like it.

At Mealtime

  • Let’s put some fruit on the table that matches the color of the tablecloth. Should we use the red or the green grapes?
  • Can you find the single pea that I put in your mashed potatoes?

When You’re Out & About

  • Can you smell the bread baking? What do you think that bread would taste like?
  • Look at this package of fruit strips. What does the package make you think is inside? Let’s find out if you’re right.

In the Grocery Store

  • Let’s buy 2 different pears. Which do you think will be the crunchiest? The sweetest? Why?
  • Let’s taste those samples!

At a Restaurant

  • Look at this black bean. It came with my taco. Let’s squish it with a fork (or your finger).
  • Does this chicken taste like the kind I make at home?

During Playtime

  • Let’s make beards with this whipped cream.
  • Which do you think will roll faster: the frozen pea or the thawed pea? Let’s find out.

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