Over the years I have shared the secret of successfully introducing toddlers to new foods and it is this: Stop trying to get kids to EAT new foods and encourage FOOD EXPLORATION instead.

Children have to learn to explore food before they will ever eat it.

  • Eliminate pressure
  • Increase comfort with unfamiliar foods
  • Replace “I don’t like it!”

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Sensory education is the proven way to give kids more confidence around new foods. Many parents have trouble figuring out how to move beyond, “Do you like it?” Here are 5 different ways to teach toddlers to explore new foods using all their senses.

5 Tools to Help You and Your Children Confidently and Creatively Explore Food at Home

There are many different ways to explore food. You can describe, rate, rank, pick the odd one out and look for similarities. The examples below use an apple for all 5 techniques. You don’t have to use all five for each new food. But it wouldn’t hurt if you did!

Download a copy of 5 Different Ways to Explore Food here.

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