It’s Not About Nutrition

Everyone deserves to have a great relationship with food. That journey begins with a child’s first bites.
It’s Not About Nutrition is dedicated to inspiring, empowering and supporting parents to change the conversation from nutrition to habits — so all kids enjoy a lifetime of happy and healthy eating.

Core Principles

  • All children can learn to eat right
  • Change how your children eat by changing how you interact with them around food.
  • Eating right is a skill. Figure out what your kids need to learn and teach it to them.
  • Focus on shaping habits first. Good nutrition will naturally follow.

About Dina

Dina Rose has a PhD in sociology from Duke University and more than twenty years’ experience in teaching and research. For parents who want to feed their kids right, Dina leverages a unique combination of expertise as a sociologist and a mother to help parents solve their kids’ eating problems by focusing on the root of the problem—eating habits, not nutrition.

My passion for teaching parents about healthy eating habits began when my mother died from obesity-related illnesses at the age of 65. When my daughter was born five months later I knew I wanted to give her a better—and happier— relationship with food.  Because I am a sociologist, I began thinking about habits and behavior. Then, as a researcher would, I began systematically observing and interviewing parents. What I found was straightforward. The key to creating this healthy and happy relationship with food comes down to three habits: variety, proportion and moderation.

Even with a Phd, my most valuable education came as a mom and putting everything I had learned into practice as I raised my own child. I know that like me, parents want to feed their children the right way. What my research showed was that when parents focus too intensely on nutrition it is easy to inadvertently teach poor eating habits. When parents shift their focus to habits, however, children begin to eat nutrition foods.

I have adapted an approach that may be familiar to you from years of food pyramids and plate diagrams- I call it the  #RoseHabits. Just as teaching children to walk, dress, or read, healthy eating is a habit that must be taught. Once you do, children benefit from a lifetime of health and enjoyment around food.

I’m gratified that this message rings true for so many and that the methods have worked for thousands of parents and their children. I get tremendous satisfaction from sharing my approach, not just with parents, but with medical professionals, educators, child care providers, and dietitians. We all share a common goal: Getting through dinner and teaching all children to enjoy a lifetime of happy and healthy eating.

Dina is available for

  • Television/Radio Appearances
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Professional Development Workshops: Child Care Providers, Teachers, Dietitians, and others.
  • Physicians: Grand Rounds Presentations and Professional Conferences
  • Speaking Engagements, Keynote addresses and Panel Discussions

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