You think you have trouble getting your kid to taste new foods?  Be glad you don’t live in the UK.

“Schoolchildren have been tasting edible insects cooked by a top chef as part of regional celebrations to mark National Insect Week 2012 (25 June-1 July).”  —  Harrogate-News

I don’t know which is weirder, kids eating insects or the fact that there is such a thing as a National Insect Week.

Source: Harrogate-News June 27, 2012

Meal worms.

Presumably gourmet meal worms.

With chef Lionel Strub!

According to the Harrogate-News, Dr Luke Tilley, National Insect Week co-ordinator, said:

This will be a great event for the children and a novel way for them to learn more about our Great British insects. National Insect Week is all about promoting awareness of the value of a diverse insect world to the environment.

My thoughts exactly!

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Proving, once again, that food preferences are cultural.


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