Here’s the truth: Kids are learning eating habits every time they eat. The only question that remains, then, is what habits do you want them to learn?  But can kids be too young?

In this episode of the Happy Bite Podcast, I talk to Elizabeth, mother of 13-month-old Samantha. Elizabeth wants to know how to stop Samantha from throwing food from the high chair. What the right portion size is. And what to do when Samantha rejects everything. In short, Elizabeth wants to know, how young is too young? Can toddlers who can’t even speak learn eating habits?

If you’ve been listening to the Happy Bite Podcast for even a minute, you probably know my answer: Kids are NEVER too young to learn eating habits.

Children learn by routine. So, teach your kids that throwing from the high chair has an undesirable result, and the throwing stops. So what’s that undesirable result? Listen in.

We also talk about:

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