Do you know…?

1. Picky Eating is painful for children.
2. Kids would eat the way you want if they could.

It’s easy to think our children’s picky eating is a problem to solve.  And it’s easy to slip into acting as if picky eating is something kids choose. We might even feel like picky eating is something they do to us.

Yes, kids use food refusal as a strategy, but that’s different from choosing to be picky. Picky isn’t the problem.

Kids have problems —They’re afraid of new foods. Worried they’ll gag. Extra sensitive to smells, textures…Want to feel in control. The list goes on. Maybe it’s a developmental stage. Whatever. —

Give your kids another way to solve their problems and your kids won’t need to use picky eating to feel better. And believe me, your kids would rather not be picky eaters.

Even if your children aren’t old enough to suffer the social consequences from being picky eaters, they’re old enough to experience experience strain at the dinner table. They’re old enough to experience your disappointment.  In short, they’re old enough to suffer. Yes, kids want to be freed from picky eating.

Don’t try to get your kids to try new foods. Help them become confident explorers. It’s a mindshift.

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