Readers of It’s Not About Nutrition know I love to travel. This week my husband and I are off to Peru. Hurray! Back in August.

Summer often means giving kids a pass on what they do—or do not—eat. No need to feel guilty. Time off is GOOD.

I’m all for taking a break from the feeding struggle. Enjoy the time off. Parents aren’t the only ones who need a breather. Kids need some time off too. Think of this as a time to reset the feeding/eating dynamic. Read about the best way to use the reset.

Everyone deserves to have a good relationship with food. Here are 5 quick reads to help you give your kids the gift of a lifetime of healthy and happy eating.

1) What’s Bike Riding Got to Do with It?  As in eating, many parents inadvertently, but quite deliberately, teach their kids bike riding habits that they’ll have to unlearn before they’ll be able to successfully peddle off into the sunset. The best intentions sometimes produce the worst habits. Riding from the get-go without training wheels? You bet.

2) Use Ice Cream to Teach Your Kids to Eat Right Tempted to substitute “healthier” ice cream or frozen yogurt for your kids’ favorites? Don’t do it. Instead, teach your kids how to put sweets and treats into their diets in the right way.

3) Salad Days Summer is practically synonymous with salad. But getting kids to eat and enjoy salad? That’s a different story. Here are 5 steps to implement to grow a salad eater, without begging, bribing, threatening…

4) That Fried Chicken Might as Well be Fried Crickets What my experience eating fried crickets while on vacation can teach you about your child’s aversion to “normal” food.

5) It’s Summer But I’m Thinking About School Lunches! I know it’s early, but hey…school lunches can teach your kids healthy eating habits.