One day when my daughter was little she pointed to some fruit strip product in the grocery store.

  • “What’s that Mommy?”
  • “That’s candy that food manufacturers want you to think is fruit,” I replied.

In my opinion, giving my daughter that kind of information was the only way to arm her against the food industry’s marketing power.

Now, Bettina Siegel from The Lunch Tray – You do know about this terrific blog, don’t you?– has produced this amazing video.

Bettina says:

I continue to believe that one of our most promising strategies  is showing kids how they’re quite deliberately manipulated by the food industry — to the tune of almost $2 billion in children’s advertising dollars spent each year — into choosing highly processed food and fast food over more healthful options.

Here’s the video:

Read more about why Bettina made this video.

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