Dina’s Media Kit

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Television Interviews

Morning News, KREM2-TV (CBS), Spokane, WA (4/5/18)


New Day Northwest, KING-TV, Seattle (04/02/18)


Bay Sunday, KPIX-TV, San Francisco (03/22/18)


Mornings on 2, KTVU-TV, San Francisco (03/20/18)

Fox 25 Boston News (3/21/14)


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Online & In-Print

Dina’s articles regularly appear on Psychology Today.

Other Interviews

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Guest Posts:

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Online Reviews

“I have been reading the blog It’s Not About Nutrition and it has really changed the way I think about childhood nutrition and eating. If you have a picky eater I highly recommend that you check it out but know that it will challenge conventions like the “just two more bites” and using dessert as a reward for finishing dinner/cleaning ones plate. But truthfully with 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. being obese I think it’s time that we challenge convention and start establishing healthy eating habits.” – Emily Weaver Brown Photography.com.

“This just blew my mind about feeding kids of all ages: Why Some Kids Should Spit.” Moxie.org.

I’m jinxing this, but here goes: We’ve enjoyed whine-free meals with our 5-year-old for a couple months now. And he’s eating a more varied diet than ever…” Read more. – Cook. Play. Explore.com.

“By the way, Here’s an excellent take on the chocolate milk mistake by food sociologist Dina R. Rose, PhD, whose thought provoking blog It’s Not about Nutrition is easily one of the best resources for parents on the art & science of teaching kids to eat right.” Fooducate.com.

“Recently I stumbled across the most amazing blog. Really, really great. It’s called It’s Not About Nutrition, and the topic is “The art and science of teaching kids to eat right.” Dina Rose, the mom who writes this blog is a sociologist who wrote a book and leads workshops on strategic ways parents can influence their childrens’ palates and food choices, and I’m pretty sure she’s brilliant…” Read more. Lets Be Honest Here.com.

“So, forgive me if you’re already a fan, but I just discovered It’s Not About Nutrition, a blog written by Dina R. Rose, a mom with a PhD in sociology from Duke University who teaches workshops and provides private counseling on kid and food issues. The blog covers “the art and science of teaching kids to eat right.” It has a lot of advice on combatting pickiness but is a great resource for other food and nutrition issues as well. Last night, as I was cruising around her site, I found myself nodding and thinking “amen, sister!” over and over again…” Read more. The Lunch Tray.com.

“Dr Dina Rose argues at her blog, itsnotaboutnutrition.com, that our nutritional problems lie in our eating behaviors that are actually lifestyle patterns beginning in childhood. And I would say that it’s a bit of both I believe she is spot on about lifestyle nutritional behavior patterns being 80% of our nutritional problem…” Read more. Dr Bill Dean.com.

“Dina Rose, over at It’s Not About Nutrition, wrote this post recently about redefining snacking and her wisdom has influenced my thinking on the topic…” Read more. Ready to Wait.com.

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Dina’s Media Kit

You may download a full media kit by clicking here.