Medical and Nutrition Professionals Can Change the Way Kids Eat

Talking to parents about nutrition isn’t making a big enough impact in the fight against childhood obesity. It’s time for a new paradigm, changing the conversation from nutrition to habits.

Most families know what their kids ought to eat. The struggle is getting children to enjoy the right foods, to teach them how to put sweets and treats into their diets in a healthy way and how to stay in touch with their internal signals of hunger and satiety.

Dina’s grand rounds, key notes, conference presentations and seminars outline a simple, direct, habits-based approach to feeding children that includes:

  • Simple changes parents can make to teach children to eat new foods, including vegetables
  • Why knowing about nutrition isn’t enough to influence eating habits
  • What the research literature reveals about habits
  • Feeding strategies that work, especially for picky eaters
  • The top 10 messages families need to hear from their physicians, dieticians and health professionals

Appropriate Audiences: Pediatricians, Family Medicine Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Registered Dieticians, Licensed Practice Nurses, Medical Assistants, Practice Managers, School Nurses

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Most grand rounds are educational…the intent is always outcome driven….to reinforce current practice parameters; promote ideas in anticipation of change; change behaviors. Very few grand rounds approach being transformational in terms of a paradigm switch….your grand rounds was in this latter category.

David Turkewitz, MD, Chair Pediatrics York Hospital, Past President Pennsylvania Academy of Pediatrics

Dr. Rose provides pediatricians with a refreshing approach to counseling parents about feeding their children. She challenges us to let go of our traditional focus on nutrition and start a discussion about behavior. Dina’s basic tenets of serving foods in proportion to their nutritive value, rotating the foods we eat each day, and consuming all types of food in moderation have the power to transform the family meal and the health of our next generation.

Mary Ann Rigas, MD (Pediatrician, Potter County, PA)

Dina Rose, PhD presented an excellent webinar for the PA Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics. Her topic, “A Fresh Perspective on How Pediatricians Can Change The Way Kids Eat,” was thoughtful, thought-provoking, and nicely tailored to this statewide audience of front-line clinicians.The evaluations from the audience were very positive: 88% reported they were highly or very highly satisfied with the program and, significantly, 99% said they were going to make a change in their practice as a result of what they learned in the webinar. As the Program Director, I was 100% satisfied with the webinar and would highly recommend Dr. Dina Rose as an engaging speaker who carefully considers how best to address each audience and who provides valuable information.

Amy Wisher, Director, EPIC® Pediatric Obesity: Evaluation, Treatment and Prevention in Community Settings PA Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

Join the St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Tufts Floating Hospital for Children Hospital, York Hospital, Wheeling Hospital, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Heart Association, New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians and others in changing the conversation from nutrition to habits.

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