“[W]hen I cracked open Rose’s book, what I gulped in—in just a matter of days—is this: Rose’s message is to change this conversation from food to habits. And that gave me pause in the good way…This is a quick read and the “what’s in it for me” (WIFM) is pretty enticing: A lifelong good relationship with food via learning three healthy habits.”

Galit Breen, Mamalode
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So what will you get from reading It’s not about the Broccoli? Firstly, a fascinating exploration of why parents make the food choices they do, the power of marketing and the kinds of parental attitudes that can contribute to picky eating.

Johanna Cormack, Emotionally Aware Eating
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“Creative and clever, Rose comes to the table with a fresh perspective and a practical plan for teaching kids lifelong healthy eating habits.”

Publisher’s Weekly
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“In a style that’s relatable and easy to read, Dr. Rose lays out a plan that’s doable for parents, will reduce the stress in your house surrounding food, and most importantly, will teach your kids how to make their own healthy choices–something that will serve them well for life. Her strategies have worked with my own kids and influenced how I feed them and how I talk to them about food. And they’re better eaters for it.”

Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD, Real Mom Nutrition
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“Dr. Rose is a sociologist who specializes in feeding kids. It’s refreshing that she’s not a certified nutritionist because although she’s well versed in nutrition, her focus is on the behaviors involved in feeding and eating. In other words, it’s not just about presenting kids with wholesome snacks or a well-balanced dinner plate. It’s equally about the psychology of eating. Here are a few of her best ideas for “translating nutrition into behavior.”

Kelly Rogers Victor, Ph.D., Kale and Kant
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“I would have loved to come across this book when I was in my reading ‘everything under the sun’ phase. There were some great ideas that I will start using with my family such as the 3 categories of foods, ‘The Big Fix’ and the rating cards to get my kids more involved in the food choices. If you are worried about getting your kids to eat right go check out this book. I highly recommend it!”

Family Review Guide
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“When it comes to feeding picky eaters, Dina Rose, Ph.D., literally wrote a book on it. It’s Not About the Broccoli isn’t a cookbook, it’s full of smart strategies for feeding kids successfully, for ending stressful mealtimes and teaching kids to enjoy healthy foods for the rest of their lives.”

Baby Zone
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“I’ve always been impressed with her no-nonsense, provocative style. She’s never afraid to question a lot of the standard feeding advice out there, like teaching children to eat well by parental modeling of good habits. (That always seemed like sound advice to me until Rose debunked it in about ten different ways on her blog.)”

Bettina Elias Siegel, The Lunch Tray
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“Just got your book, and read it in a weekend at the beach (while my parents watched the kids (3 and 5) and attempted to feed them.) I was so excited to try out your tips as soon as I got home. My daughter thought the plain yogurt/choc. chips was the biggest treat, and I served it with whole wheat pita triangles with peanut butter and hummus to dip. I also gave one slice of apple and one tiny piece of cucumber. She said it was the best lunch ever! She tried the apple and licked the cucumber! I’m starting to follow your rotation rule and small portion size. Long story short – I think think your techniques are SIMPLY amazing (simple, yet amazing), and I love how the book organizes it all. Thanks for helping to improve our meals and our lives!!!”

Emily O.

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