June 6, 2016

Just sending you a quick note to thank you for having this page. With your guidance and advice, my wife and I have been fairly successful at diminishing the meal time power struggles with our son. Recently, though, with the tougher tastes and textures, it’s been, “have a few more bites.” To which he would respond, “how many is a few more?” And that would create more power struggle.

The other day I read some comment on your page about not forgetting to fix the fix or correct the correction. A light bulb went off and I went home last night and had a huddle with my wife. I realized we had been telling him that he can’t trust his own sense of knowing when he’s full.

So we came to an agreement and as we sat down to eat I told him that he is a big boy now and that he is the best judge of when he has had enough to eat. You should have seen the look of relief and excitement on his five year old face as he goes, “really?!” That being said, I also told him that we don’t like to waste food in our family.

So a big THANK YOU!!! I can see this moving us to a new, less stressful chapter in our meal time approach. I will continue to send more fans your way!

– Nickolas L.