Yogurt. It’s not the miracle food we’ve been led to believe.

That’s good news. Especially if your child doesn’t like to eat yogurt.

It’s also good news if you’ve been compromising and buying heavily sweetened yogurts just to get yogurt into your kids.

A Spanish team of researchers evaluated 4445 adults and concluded:

“In comparison with people that did not eat yogurt, those who ate this dairy product regularly did not display any significant improvement in their score on the physical component of quality of life, and although there was a slight improvement mentally, this was not statistically significant…”

Read more about the study here and here.

Does this mean you shouldn’t eat yogurt?

No, it just means you shouldn’t go out of your way to include yogurt in your (or your children’s) diets.

But you can use yogurt can to your kids healthy eating habits—especially the habit of tasting NEW foods.

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Don’t you think that it’s time to move away from thinking about individual foods and individual nutrients, so we can really start focusing on the overall diet?

I do.

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