Parent Workshops & Individualized Coaching

Parents can help kids develop a happy, healthy relationship with food.

Dina gives parents a realistic plan for living in the real world.

Parent Coaching

With the holiday eating season fast approaching we have created a special package to assist parents with their specific feeding issues. Buy 3 individual coaching sessions and receive one free! Thats a $150 value, available for a limited time only. Click the button below to receive this very special offer.

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Coaching with Dina provides individualized attention, privacy and convenience. Your time together will focus on specific strategies that address the areas that are most important for you and your family. Whether you’re a married couple, a step-parent, a single parent or a foster parent, one-on-one parent coaching with Dina will help you put your children on the path to a happy and healthy relationship with food.

Dina’s Coaching Fees

  • 60 Minute Session: $150
  • Four Session Series: $540

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Parent Workshops

There are no sample menus to memorize, and no portions to measure, just a method for making food and eating choices that can be used with different children, at different times and in different situations. Avoid getting stuck feeding “child-friendly” food and arguing about vegetables with three simple habits: Proportion, Variety and Moderation.

Topics include:

  • Avoid the Pizza-Pasta-Nugget-Hot Dog Diet with Three Simple Habits.
  • How to Introduce New Foods … So Your Kids Will Actually Eat Them!
  • Let Them Eat Cake: Successfully Managing Sugar and Snacks.
  • Six Steps to End Overweight and Obesity.
  • The Yogurt-Covered Pretzel: Why Sugar, Salt and Fat are the Enemy (and Why Veggie Chips Aren’t Your Friends).

Join the Parents League of New York, Holistic Moms Network, babybites/mommybites, Hoboken Special Needs Group, Adult School of Montclair, Natural Gourmet Institute, Chabad of Bedford and others in putting children on the path to a happy and healthy relationship with food.

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We’ve been using your tips for trying veggies and new foods for about six months. Our three year old is asked to try (touch, lick, smell, nibble) on a regular basis. Tonight was broccoli. He said he didn’t want it but I asked him to try it. He said he’d touch it. He reported it felt soft as he rubbed it on his lips. I said yeah it does feel soft when it’s cooked. Then he proceeded to nibble it…and then ate it! My husband and I gave each other air high fives. So much easier than the alternatives.

— Grace S.

On behalf of the Playhouse community, I want to sincerely thank you for coming to talk with us today. The immediate feedback from parents was uniformly positive. We only wish we had you for more time! Personally, my husband and I found your talk engaging and informative – not to mention pleasingly funny. What you said about teaching kids that a broken pretzel will not kill them – geez! Do you know our kid?! We truly enjoyed the afternoon with you. We wish you continued success and hope other families will benefit from your teachings.

— Rachel R.

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