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Join me for for practical, research-based tips that will help you raise children who have a happy and healthy relationship with food. You’ll hear ready-to-implement solutions for all your real-life problems—all in about 20 minutes!

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Most Recent EPISODES

Energy Bars: Hype or Healthy?

There are 7000 bars on the market today. Manufacturers claim their bars are healthy. Are they? Or is the marketing all hype. In this episode, Sally and I discuss the pros and cons of bars, reveal which ones you’ll find us eating and help you figure out how you can put bars into your kids’ diets in a way that works. We also answer a listener question about what to do when your kids invite friends over but those friends don’t want to eat what you’ve prepared. Ugh!

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Easter Candy: Dump It or Save it?

The quintessential quandry: Do you dump your kids’ leftover Easter candy? Or do you save it—and let them pick at it until it’s gone? In this episode Sally and I dive deep into this question and provide tips for either way you want to go. We also discuss how to talk to your kids about managing candy, how to put treats into the diet in a way that works, and what managing candy and managing vegetables have in common.

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Easter and Candy-Crazy Kids!

This episode is an oldie-but-goldie show from the archives. Sally and I talk about how to prepare your kids for the food-filled holiday, how to navigate the day, and how much sugar is really in those marshmallow Peeps.

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Game-Changing Tips

There’s a lot of feeding advice out there. You could spend hours reading it. But have you ever wished you could just get to the “bottom-line?” In this episode Sally and I discuss some of the tips from her FREE e-book, 16 Game-Changing Tips for Feeding Kids. We also the question, “How do you get a toddler who has ants-in-his-pants to sit and eat at the table?

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Valentine’s Day: Kisses, Candy & Classrooms

Valentine’s Day is practically synonymous with candy. Actually, it’s one holiday in a string of holidays that focuses on candy consumption. What can you do? And how can you convince your children’s school to throw non-candy holiday parties? In this episode, Sally and I talk about ways you can “control” the candy at home and in school.

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2016 Resolution Roundup

It may seem early to do a Resolution Roundup but research shows that 25% of resolutions are ditched during the FIRST WEEK of January. How have Sally and I done so far? Find out in this episode. We also reveal our dream resolutions for food manufacturers, health policy experts and our kids.

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