No parent I know wants to be a short-order chef.

What we want, is for kids to eat. For them to avoid being hungry. For them to make it through the night. For them to have the nutrients they need to grow. For them to be satisfied. The list goes on.

I recently wrote about this in a post on Psychology Today.

For many parents, it’s easier to make a separate meal for the child who regularly refuses the main meal. For others, the routine goes something like this: Parents make a meal. Child refuses. Parent begs, barters, cajoles, threatens, bribes. The child might take a taste before pronouncing the food utterly disgusting. Parent brings out the preferred food. The key to changing the dinner dynamic is to look at this as a family system. Read the rest of the post.

In this episode of The Happy Bite Podcast, I tackle the same problem. Lindsey wants to stop being a short-order chef.

With 3 small children, a meat-loving husband, and a vegetarian lifestyle herself, that’s not small order. I offer practical, research-based solutions. I hope you’ll listen and let me know what you think.

Download 10 Lessons Kids Need to Learn So You Can Stop Being a Short-Order Chef

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