Want your kids to become adventurous eaters? 

All adventures begin with gathering information.  Like a science experiment. The Super Taster Kit turns kids into food explorers. No bribing. No begging. No battles. Just a happy, healthy relationship with food.

The Super Taster Kit encourages children to experiment with different foods and develop a “database” of food information they can use to figure out what a food will be like before they taste it. The kit includes tools and a guide for experiencing foods with all the senses including appearance. aroma, sound, temperature, texture, and (finally) taste.

The Super Taster Kit makes exploration fun & interesting

The Kit includes:

  • Mini cups & spoons
  • Kid-sized tweezers and magnifying glass
  • 3 types of lab report pads & pencils
  • Progress chart & reward stickers
  • Instruction booklet & exploration vocabulary