I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new Super Taster Kit. A miracle tool that’s fun for growing adventurous eaters.

Here’s why I developed the Super Taster Kit and why I’m so excited about the launch.

Imagine asking a waiter what a menu item tastes like and receiving the response “Mmmm, it’s delicious, try it!” Would you order the item with no other information?

  • No, It’s fish.
  • No, It’s spicy.
  • No information. Nothing. Nada.

Well, this is what we do every time we tell kids, “Just taste it.” Or, “It’s kiwi. Want to taste it?”

The Super Taster Kit encourages children to experiment with different foods by helping them develop a “database” of food information.

It’s not just about tasting because the Super Taster Kit encourages your kids to use all their senses. But the Super Taster Kit leads to tasting…and ultimately to eating.

Buy the Super Taster Kit

The kit includes these tools to make exploration fun & interesting:

  • Mini cups & spoons>
  • Kid size tweezers and magnifying glass
  • 3 types of lab report pads & pencils
  • Progress chart & reward stickers
  • Instruction booklet & exploration vocabulary

The first 50 kits are only $14.99 (free shipping).

All I want in return is your feedback on how the kit works for you. Survey included.