It’s been a year full of tips, studies and new ideas.  I’ve learned a lot going through all that research.  I hope you have too.  

Of this year’s 76 blog posts, these are my top 10.  (I hope I picked a few of  your favorites too.  If not, let me know.)

1)  The Upside of Hunger

2) Coke Beats Juice

3) House Building 101

4) Cookie Love

5) The Magic of Yogurt

6) Slackers Rule

7) Training Tiny Taste Buds

8) The 10 Most “Dangerous” Foods

9) You Can’t Feed Your Way Out of a Picky-Eating Problem

10) Why Some Kids Should Spit

I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation in 2011, changing it from nutrition to habits.

Happy New Year!