I’ve always wanted to do a podcast. So I’m pleased to announce the launch of The Happy Bite!

I’m collaborating with registered dietician and mom, Sally Kuzemchak.

Sally writes one of my favorite blogs, Real Mom Nutrition. (If you don’t already know about Sally’s work, check her out!)

Twice a month, we will share our thoughts about topics related to kids and food.

We’ve already recorded three episodes.

  • Eating on vacation
  • Artificial Food Dyes
  • Camp Food

Coming up, we’ll talk about:

  • Back-to-school topics like school lunch
  • Breakfast
  • Lots more, including YOUR suggestions.

We hope you’ll tune in to learn and laugh along with us.

We also hope you’ll email us if you’ve got a topic or question you’d like us to cover in an upcoming episode!

Two ways to listen:

The Happy Bite. Bringing two bodies of knowledge together:

What your kids ought to eat…

And the habits your kids need to learn so they’ll actually eat what you serve!

~Changing the conversation from nutrition to habits.~