It’s counterintuitive but potato chips are better for toddlers’ eating habits than veggie chips.

Maybe this idea is catching on. Recently, an older—or should I say more mature—blog post, Potato Chips Win Again!, has been getting a lot of attention.

Here’s a recap:

  • The Nutriiton Perspective: Nobody thinks veggie chips are healthy, per se. However, many people think veggie chips are healthier than potato chips. Wrong. If the chip really has vegetables, the product will contain the nutrients found in vegetables.
  • The Habits Perspective: It’s easier to teach kids proper eating habits when you give them actual potato chips. Nobody tells their kids potato chips are healthy.

The difference between Lay’s Classic potato chips, Terra Chips and Garden Veggie Crisps boils down to …marketing.

Potato Chips almost always “win.” For a side-by-side comparison, read Potato Chips Win Again!,

“I try to get the kind with kale,” one mother recently said. Sound familiar?