Do you know about Your Parenting Mojo podcast?

Ever wanted to listen in on one of my parenting consultations? Here’s the chance.

Jen Lumanlan, the host of Your Parenting Mojo podcast, says she never saw herself as a parent, and that she doesn’t have much of a parenting instinct. I’m sure a lot of people can relate.

On the other hand, Jen says she really enjoys research. (On this front, she and I have a lot in common. You know, as a former professor, I’m a research wonk.)

So what did Jen do? She decided to get a Master’s in Psychology with a focus on Child Development and to share all the stuff she learns with other parents.

And the Your Parenting Mojo podcast was born.

In this podcast you get to listen in on one of my consultations. This one with a parent who struggles with her almost four-year-old “highly spirited” son’s eating habits.  There is hope for getting this child to eat something other than cheese. Learn the steps to make it happen.

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